Medical Capture

Medical and Clinical Capture and Recording - Easy and Professional!

TecPodium is listed on the GSA Advantage, an acquisition solution to military and federal agencies.

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Tecom introduces the latest solutions in the field of photography, recording and broadcasting of board meetings, treatment rooms, photographic surgery rooms and other medical applications.

Capture and Recording systems:

  • Photographing treatment rooms and keeping them on the client secure archive, including recording visual video from medical equipment and appliances.

  • Recording of executive meetings and professional discussions.

  • Live streaming option – broadcast live and reach an unlimited number of viewers.

  • Uploading of the video content onto a dedicated video portal for publishing or saving it in the organization's secure archive.

  • The system is simple to operate, with high reliability, flexibility and customization.

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System Features:

  • The recording systems are simple and convenient to operate without technical support.

  • Hardware-based dedicated solution, robust and reliable

  • Easy and user-friendly graphical management interface, integrating customer onscreen logo

  • Capturing HD inputs of Cameras, laptop, PC or other presentation sources

  • Full HD and 4K cameras, including integration of "smart" auto tracking cameras that track motion automatically

  • Control solutions for starting and stopping recording and full control over devices

  • High-quality microphones for recording including optional wireless microphone

  • Direct streaming to YouTube Live, Facebook Live and more

  • Support for remote viewing on computer, tablet, mobile phone

  • Recording on internal hard drive, USB thumb drive or external disk.


Example of application capture and recording systems in medical training center – Inpatient Rooms:

Installation example of capture and recording systems in Anesthesia Training for medical staff:

Tecom Electronics specializes in AV system integration solutions for audio-video systems and technology-intensive projects for leading organizations worldwide.
Among our clientele are educational and academic institutions, military institutions, industry and defense, government ministries, corporations, banks, high-tech companies, municipalities, local councils and local authorities. 

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