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Advantages and Benefits of Capture and Recording systems

TecPodium is listed on the GSA Advantage, an acquisition solution to military and federal agencies.

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Online education allows students to participate in lectures remotely from anywhere around the globe.  Lessons can go uninterrupted and that means students do not have to cancel their course applications and universities do not have to lay off staff. This is a crucial advantage nowadays, and a growing number of universities and schools are noticing it and adapting accordingly.

Some institutions turn to software that supports video conferencing through a PC computer.
These programs allow teachers and students to deliver lectures using very basic devices. Students can ask questions during the lecture almost like a lecture hall. However, such software is usually limited by the following parameters:

  • Maximum number of participants

  • Content sharing capabilities

  • Possible connection problems

All class participants must ensure that their microphones and cameras are disabled, otherwise any noise or activity of one of the participants will cause distraction and interference with the other participants. The problem starts when the class includes few participants, and it becomes a real issue when there are several dozen or hundreds of participants in the lecture. Lecture time is an important component, coordinating lectures and multiplayer classes require a great deal of time for both students and lecturers. These are some of the major concerns, among other things, for university practitioners who rely on video broadcast practices and lessons.

These problems are solved by dedicated hardware appliances, specifically designed to deliver live lectures and live video lessons to hundreds of students in parallel.

Advantages of the capture and recording system:

  • Economic savings – one-time purchase – no monthly payments, no annual maintenance fees or photographer and technical staff … The recording system can be used for various uses, unlimited and thus produce much more content for less money!

  • Flexible Lecture Arrangement – Lectures can be streamed online, recorded for offline use, uploaded to platforms and VOD servers, all individually or all at once.

  • Time-saving – The system saves time for lecturers and students. Complete courses can be recorded in advance and shown to different student groups, leaving lecturers time to address specific questions in Q&A sessions.

  • Accessibility – Students have access to a repository of lecture recordings, which allows them to repeat the material at any time during the course.

  • Collaboration – The recording system allows users to view and use up to 4 video sources at once – a computer with a presentation, smartphone, cameras in the lecture hall and more.

  • Broadcast quality – Connection quality and other participants do not affect the course of lectures – Video quality can be adapted to different networks, and students do not interfere with each other.

A large number of universities and schools around the world are already leading the technological field of online tutoring for students with the system and improving their work in the present and future. To know more about them, or how our systems can help your organization, please contact Tecom Electronics and we will be happy to assist you.

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